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Learn About PTC Community Badges

Community Manager

Learn About PTC Community Badges

It is common for online communities to have a robust gamification program with badges members can collect.  The PTC Community delivers! Community members can earn badges for community achievements, taking advantage of the resources and tools available on PTC eSupport, and adopting PTC's digital ecosystem.


Our community members are outstanding, and the PTC Community Team is happy to recognize all your great engagement and participation with PTC!


Below is a list of some of the badges that you may find on your community profile as you complete various tasks or reach activity benchmarks!  This community post will be updated as new badges are rolled out and added. As we launch, you only get one notification. When all profiles are updated, we will restore immediate notifications when a new achievement brings another badge to your profile. 


1. Community Ambassador Badges




Note:  Recipients of our  PTC Community Annual Recognition Badges are recognized on the PTCooler Community Lounge.


2. Support Badges




On-Demand System Scan(s) allows system administrators for Windchill PLM and RV&S to manually scan their system files for recommended improvements on an ad hoc basis.  Members will receive  "On-Demand System Scan" badges after completing various scan intervals. Learn more about On-Demand System Scans here.


Accepted Solutions are when a community member indicates a reply provided by another community member resolves their inquiry or issue. Members will receive "Accepted Solution" badges at various intervals.


Articles Read badges are received when community members read eSupport Knowledge articles.






Knowledge Article Feedback Contributor badge is given for community members that provide useful feedback or suggestions for eSupport articles.



The Set Up Alerts badge is earned when you set up notifications in eSupport.  Learn more about how to set up notifications on the eSupport Discussion board. 





3.  Digital  Badges



The Read Recommendations badge is what is received by viewing recommendations generated by Proactive Support Services, like On-Demand System Scan or Proactive Monitoring and Guidance.



The Uses Performance Advisor badge is for system administrators that Performance Advisor dashboard for their account. 



The Turns On Telemetry badge is given to all users at the account if 50% of their Creo seats are sending Performance Advisor data in the given time frame.



The Using the Latest Creo Release is given when at least 25% of sessions received in the given
timeframe are on the latest release.



The Updated eSupport Profile badge is given annually when members have updated their eSupport profile for the designated year on the badge. (i.e. January through December 2022 a 2022 badge is given, then 2023, 2024...etc)



4.  Special Badges


Special badges range from recognition for events that community members attend (such as LiveWorx pictured below) special roles, or tasks that the Community Team would like to recognize a community member for.




Note:  If you do not have a special badge for an event you attended or an activity you participated in, please contact a moderator.  You can also send an email to someone from the Community Team will be sure to respond and help you out! 


Keep engaging with PTC and collect more PTC Community badges!


Thank you for all your participation. We appreciate and value your contributions.




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