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Arbortext APP World 2011 - (3B2) Users' Event


Arbortext APP World 2011 - (3B2) Users' Event

The Arbortext APP (3B2) users' meeting for 2011 will be held on the 9th and 10th of May in London, England.

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (APP), formerly known as the 3B2 Publishing System, has provided the core development environment behind the solutions to many complex and extreme publishing requirements for over 24 years.

This event gives you the opportunity to:

  • Discover the potential from new and updated Arbortext products.

  • Learn new technologies and APP (3B2) application methods.

  • Have your Arbortext and APP questions answered.

  • Meet with other publishing professionals and Arbortext / APP (3B2) specialists from the world wide community.

Version 11 of APP will be released later this year and is making its debut to an international audience at this event.

(The event programme will be delivered exclusively in English. However, some of the conference speakers and hosts will be able to converse with you in German, Spanish and French.)

For more details on this event, please visit


Chris Western, MD tformat ltd.

Rainer Schmidt, CEO DATACOPY publishing solutions gmbh.


We are please to welcome some new speakers to the event programme from Global Publishing Solutions Ltd, fellow PTC Partners. Dave Hartnoll and Gareth Oakes bring a wealth of knowledge and 2 interesting new sessions for delegates to see.

For more details, please visit

3B2 now APP, FOSI or APP and Arbortext integration ... for a little background on 3B2 and APP please refer to this article.

'The Evolution of Arbortext APP (3B2)' - English | Italian


APP World (3B2) Users'
It's not all about the latest version tech for everyday 3B2 Users', check out the '3B2 Old School' and 'round-table' sessions on the programme at

The Arbortext APP (3B2) users’ event for 2011 is taking place in 6 weeks, on the 9-10th of May in London, UK.

So what might you and your company gain from attending this event?

  1. See what’s new in APP version 11 and how the technology is applied
  2. Learn more about APP’s JavaScript Formatting Object Model (FOM)
  3. Gain valuable ideas and tips applicable for pre-V10 users
  4. Return on your investment with over £1000 worth of technical training workshops
  5. Have your own APP questions addressed
  6. Discover what else Arbortext has to offer
  7. Meet with other publishing professionals and Arbortext / APP (3B2) specialists from around the world
  8. 2 day conference includes Marriott hotel venue, lunches, refreshments and a unique evening dinner experience
  9. The largest dedicated APP programme at an international event this year
  10. The Advantage!

For details about the full event programme and registration, please visit

If you are Interested in composition and publishing with Arbortext or an existing user? Arbortext APP World, May 9-10 in London, UK, has something to offer you:

Just 5 days to go until APP World in London, the worldwide unique APP Conference!

If you have not yet registered you can do so following the link below. Where else do you have the opportunity to listen and talk to (at least) five PTC experts coming from UK, USA, Germany and France representing all divisions: Arbortext sales management on VP level, product management, APP development.

Today over 40 attendees from UK, Scandinavia, USA, Italy, India, Germany are registered. They all are looking forward to see the power of APP version 11 and future, to learn how to improve template development, to understand why APP is an excellent long term investment. And - last but not least - to enjoy the dinner experience in Shaka Zulu.

To see the full agenda and all other information please go to

Looking forward to see you.

Best regards

On behalf of tformat ltd & DATACOPY publishing solutions gmbh, organisers and hosts.

Thank you to everyone who came to this years event and to all of our excellent speakers. APP World was attended by over 50 people from 10 different countries representing a broad cross section of APP Users' and providers. This made for a great meeting and networking point with positive feedback from everyone.

If you have any questions about this or future events, or would like to join our mailing list for future events and webinars, please contact

Some pictures from this years event here.

Chris, are presentations from the meeting available for general public?


Hi Dmitry, Vladimir

The presentation material is not currently public. However I will be running a webinar in september with APP World Highlights and APP V11 (+ M010) info which will cover many of the topics from the event, with a PTC guest speaker and Q&A.

I will post the agenda and registration info here in a few weeks.

Best Regards


Further details on this webinar are available from



Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar on the 14th Sept.

The full 2+hr video playback is now available, free to view, un-cut warts and all!



NB: Part 1 of the video also includes a presentation on Arbortext and APP integration as covered in Simon Taylors recent post here: