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Arbortext Editor 6.0 Build M040 from M010 - Loss of XML source edit and touchup


Arbortext Editor 6.0 Build M040 from M010 - Loss of XML source edit and touchup

Hi all,

Is there anything that I'm not getting, in that migrating a (standalone - non server, old generic print composer workstation) system to Arbortext Editor 6.0 Build M040 would cause us to lose XML source edit and touchup capability (ACL newpage, newline commands)?

If so, is our only recourse to revert to build M010?

Am I the only one frustrated with advancing software builds that remove (instead of add) capabilities within an existing software product line?

Someone throw me a life ring before I toss this system and software out my 3rd story window to the gutter (where I often think it belongs.)

All insights and advice appreciated. Thanks in advance for reading and replies.


Bob Williams

East Providence RI, US

EMail addy


Additional symptom - we still use Print Composer - with Build M040, PDFs generated are somehow 5x larger file sizes than they were with 6.0 M010.

Are you using distiller or pubpdf (Direct PDF) for your publishing?

Go to Tools > Preferences > Advanced and see if the preference called "usedistiller" is set to "on" or "off"

If it is "on", then the setting for creating PDF are controlled by running distiller and selecting the job settings.

If it is set to "off", the settings for creating PDF are controlled by the pdf configuration file (.pdfcf) selected when composing to PDF from Editor.The standard.pdfcf file has a much higher graphic resolution than the distiller settings, so larger files are created.

Otherwise, there were no changes between M010 and M040 that would increase PDF file sizes.

If this still does not resolve issue, you should call Tech Support and open a case for help.

Pushpinder Toor

Product Manager

Have you checked if your full menus are turned on? This option provides access to the advanced actions you are asking for in your question. When you did the upgrade, it may have reverted to the default "off".

Check under "Tools > Preferences > Window > Full Menus"

Thanks - that helped - full menus on now.

Problem remains - with Build M040 (vice M010), what's the deal with the massively inflated Print Composer Output PDFs?

Are there any magic settings in Arbortext that have to be reset or configured to have Print Composer generate PDF sizing comparable to Build M010 or Editor V.5.4?

Any help appreciated. We've looked in Adobe Acrobat Distiller Settings (found them set to simply 'default' or 'standard' - so nothing found there.)

This is a huge problem, as our books have ballooned over 400% in size from earlier PDFs.


Bob Williams

Tech Research Group

Arbortext Acrobat has a function to compress PDF file sizes... ?

Most often bigger PDF filesizes are due to graphics. Perhaps graphics are now being output at a higher resolution, or if you're using EPS it may be outputting TIFF previews instead of the proper EPS.

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