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Arbortext Styler/S1000D/CrossReferencing Issues


Arbortext Styler/S1000D/CrossReferencing Issues

Ok Let me see if I can explain this with any clarity at all.
I am working in Arbortext Styler 5.4 M70.
I am also working with the S1000D Schema for data modules and specification.
The issue is that I am trying to cross-reference various items such as steps, figures, tables etc.
I can get the steps and tables to cross reference just fine. The figure should follow the same process.
However, when I cross reference a figure, the only output I receive is "Fig " when I should receive "Fig #".

It has got to be something that I am doing in styler that is causing an issue.

This is the cross reference for figure:
<internalref internalrefid="f001"&lt;br"/>internalRefTargetType="irtt01"></internalref>

This is the element figure:
<figure id="f001">
This is the output for figure:

This is the cross-reference for ProceduralStep:
<proceduralstep id="s002">
<para>This is text.</para>
<para>This is more text.</para>

This is the cross reference for step.
<internalref internalrefid="s002"&lt;br"/>internalRefTargetType="irtt08"></internalref>

This is the output for step:

This is the table element:
<table id="t001">
<title>Test table </title>
<tgroup cols="2">
<colspec colname="col1"/">
<colspec colname="col2"/">

This is the table cross-reference:
<internalref internalrefid="t001"&lt;br"/>internalRefTargetType="irtt02"></internalref>

This is the table output:

Does anyone have any ideas why these cross references would be working differently. Maybe a new set of eyes will see something I am not.


Hi Sindy,

Have you reviewed the Cross Reference format that internalRef uses in
its Generated Text (gentext) tab? Your internalRef element in Styler
should be calling out a cross-reference format that pulls in the label
and number via gentext.

My guess is that you are calling a different format when the
internalRefTargetType attribute has a value of figure vs. table. Check
for a condition on internalRef to trigger the appropriate
cross-reference format by using the value of the internalRefTargetType
attribute. This should be highlighted if you insert your cursor in the
first internalRef element you show below.

Once highlighted, check the Gentext tab to see which Cross Reference
format/style is being pulled in. I suspect it's something like Label,
but you really want something like Label and Number. See what step and
table use and follow suit. You can use Ctrl+d to access the list if you
click to the right of the CrossReference element in the gentext window.

If you don't see anything that looks promising in the list, check the
Cross-References tab in Styler (you shouldn't have to do this part if
you got step and table showing label and number). In any event, this tab
is where you create the formats which appear in the element gentext list
dialog. You can create a new one by clicking Insert once you have the
Cross-References tab selected. Name your new format, select it, and
right-click to select Edit. You should see another gentext-looking
dialog box. From the Insert menu there, you can select Element Label and

Ah, Styler.


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