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Arbotext TC Plans Webinar


Arbotext TC Plans Webinar

Hi All!
If you¹re a member of the PTC Users Arbortext Technical Committee, you
should have received an Outlook announcement from me. We have planned two
morning sessions, Feb 15 and 16, through a web meeting.

Here is the agenda:

1) Arbortext Business Unit Update ­ covers how PTC thinks of Arbortext
from the business standpoint (30 mins)
2) Arbortext Roadmap: Process and Product
a. Service Information Solution (SIS) Overview (45 mins)
b. Demo ­ SIS (30 mins)
c. Demo ­ Galaxy (Technical Illustration tool) (30 mins)
3) Upcoming releases: What¹s new (30 mins)
4) Futures: (30 mins)
a. Review / Preview
5) DITA 1.2 (30 mins)
6) Customer topics/Presentations (TBD) 2-3 at 30 mins each

You must be an official member of the Arbortext TC to attend. If you are,
please be certain to send me an Outlook confirmation. If you are not, I
invite you to become a member through the PTC Users website. Find the TC tab
and click on Arbortext TC to join. You must use an official corporate email
address and complete the form. We cannot accept yahoo, gmail, or other
non-corporate accounts from potential members.

We are also looking for 1 or 2 members to present on their innovations using
Arbortext. If you¹re willing to present, please contact me directly.

Best regards,
JoAnn Hackos
Chair, Arbortext TC

JoAnn Hackos, PhD
Comtech Services, Inc.
Skype joannha <<image.jpg>> ck <<image.jpg>> os

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