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Autosave Error Messages


Autosave Error Messages

Has anyone ever seen these 2 error messages:

[A31640]unexpected exception within autosave

[A31641]unexpected exception within timer

We are running Arbortext 6.0 and we are experiencing this with one of our larger files that we are trying to process. After clicking through the error messages Arbortext crashes.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Just grasping at straws, but you say the file is large. What is your
autosave timer variable set to? Guessing that you might be trying to
save it twice before the first save completes.


It is set to 10 minutes for autosave and recovery.

Never seen this before and this is a file that we have been working for a while. It is only since the 6.0 upgrade that we have experienced this.


Hi Sarah--

Just to rule out the obvious, have you verified that you have free space
on the hard drive where you are trying to store the file, and that the
user has permission to write to the directory?


Clay Helberg
Senior Consultant

Yes. This is a file the user has been working on for a couple of months now and this just started happening this week.


5-Regular Member


Did you get any resolution over it? i am facing somewhat similar issue.

I can only assume we resolved the issue but it was so long ago that I can't remember the fix. Sorry!