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Basic, basic question - centering text for heading


Basic, basic question - centering text for heading

Really basic quesion I'm sure - how do I center text as in the image added?

I'm working in a style sheet that has already been created, but if this office can do it, it's in the style sheet. Might not be using the most proper Arbortext lingo, if so sorry............?? Thanks!



Epic supports several different stylesheets, FOSI, XSL-FO and their Styler.
Each does things a bit differently though the basic premise would be pretty
much the same.

If you have a good ASCII text editor (a good freebie is Notepad++) I'd
search through the stylesheet(s) for the element <thead> (the most COMMON
element name for a table header if you are using either the CALS or Exchange
table model). Once you have found that area in the stylesheet, look for
something about alignment. There may be a horizontal and vertical option,
you'd want the horizontal.

I kind of recommend Notepad++ or other apps like Codewright (no longer
supported but still available) or Ultraedit that support multiple file
searches and regular expression searches. This makes finding things a bit

Then set the value to 'center'. If it is already centered, then you have
other problems.

If you are using a FOSI or Styler, Epic can open these files in Epic and you
can search for formatting rules and make changes that way.


Thank you Lynn. Sadly, that pretty much went over my head. Lots of learning to do. I will look into what you said, see if I can figure it out! Thanks for taking the time.


Do you know what kind of stylesheet is being used? A quick way to find out
is to type this on the Epic command line.

eval stylesheet()

Then hit enter. This will bring up a window with the full path and name of
the stylesheet that is being used.

Once you find the type of stylesheet, let us know and we can get you some
more detailed help.

The rest of this is explanatory and if you know how to turn on the command
line or it is already there skip it.

You can turn on the command line from the 'tools | preferences' menu. When
the preferences dialog opens, in the top center you'll see four check boxes.
Make sure the check box marked 'command line' is checked.