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IsoDraw 7.0 - (not responding) while dragging anything


IsoDraw 7.0 - (not responding) while dragging anything

Good day Community!

Please forgive me if this is a question that's covered already. I did my due diligence and looked for it but I couldn't find anything that seemed to match my particular problem.

I've been using IsoDraw on and off for years but only now is my employer moving towards making it our primary illustration software.

Right away, I'm noticing an issue that I anticipate will be a headache if I don't get it resolved sooner rather than later.

Whenever I drag anything around on the drawing surface (holding the mouse button to drag a line, elipse, move objects, etc.), after about 5 seconds, the display appears to lock up even though it's not really locked up. Once I let go of the mouse button, all is well with the exception of whatever I was doing may or may not have executed exactly where I wanted it to.

Is this a problem with the software or perhaps my system needs some beefing up?

Here are my specs:

Windows 7 Professional

Service Pack 1

Model: HP ProDesk 600 G1 TWR

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz


System: 64-bit Operating System

The system rating is currently at 5.1. on the "Windows Experience Index" (if that helps at all) I think that's actually lower than the system I run on my home computer.


Just a guess, but it might be an expectation issue. We thought a similar issue was happening when we first started using. Might it be that you are clicking and dragging, looks like nothing is happening, but then you release and the object moves? But since you didn't see it move with the mouse you don't know where exactly you put it?

Memory is shot but I believe what we found is that the default behavior is to move the element you selected as a reference point. Example if you have a group of lines and elipses and you click a line to move it, only the line shows as moving on screen.

I believe if you press shift when you select it forces the entire object to move. The default I believe was to save memory resources during the move action.

Just a guess though. Otherwise you likely will want to contact support.

Thanks for replying Trevor.

Yes, I do know the behavior you're referring to and am aware of it. I wish that were my problem, but sadly, it is not. What is happening is while I'm dragging, I have about 5 seconds to let go of the mouse button to finish whatever action I'm trying to perform (dragging to move an item, drag to draw an elipse, drag to draw a line, basically anything that requires me to hold the mouse button down while performing the action). If I fail to let go in that amount of time, I can no longer see anything in the application happening. The mouse still moves along but that's it. I have no ability to see what I'm trying to actually do anymore. I'm sure my boss would actually approve of this because it forces me to draw faster. Haha.

I do wonder if it's a compatibility issue with Windows 7 as well.