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Customize Compose for web tool


Customize Compose for web tool

Hi All,

I am creating an illustrations catalog in HTML. I make it from a XML file and I use the tool Compose - For Web. I would like customize the part of downloading the images that are included in the XML to a local folder, called graphics, wich is the source of the HTML doc; This images are in Windchill PDM. I dont know where Arbortext Editor make this process, I need customize it because I dont want download all of them, I only want download the new images, and actually the program downloads all images, and it makes the process very slow...

I want do a comparison between images in the last HTML doc created and the images in the new XML (they usually are few new images), and I want the program download to the source folder of the HTML only that new images.

Could someone help me?


Raúl Alonso


My idea for do that comparison is compare by name of files, but the program change the original name of the image and puts a random name for the images downloaded, and the next time that I do the process, it puts a different random name, and so every time. My wish is customize the process for put the same name that original to the downloaded images, and do the comparision there.


Raúl Alonso


There used to be an Arbortext product "Digital Media Publisher" (DMP) that supported this use case. DMP has been discontinued so there is no OOTB feature available for this.

Thinking laterally, have you explored the open source tool called rsync?

Thanks for your attention Gareth,

I have done tests with DMP and I have the same problem.

It must be some place in the Arbortext Editor where it is indicated how to do the process, some script in ACL or something like that, but Im lookin for it and I don't find it...

The process is the next: I open the XML file in the Arbortext Editor, I open the stylesheet and I do Compose - for web. I indicate an output directory and the program runs. It create a folder called "graphics" into the directory,  where it downloads the images included in the XML file, with the aleatory name. I wish know where is done this part, the creation of the folder and the download of the images for customize it.

About using the tool rsync, I can´t do it because my enterprise is very closed to changes and using other programs, so I have to do it with Arbortext Editor, but thanks for the input.

Hi Raúl--

You might be able to use the htmlimginserthook to tackle this problem. I haven't used it myself, but the description sounds like it would fit your use case. Look at the documentation for this feature and try it to see if it gives you the control over image naming that you need.


Thank you very much, Clay.

I'm going to try it and I tell you if it results.

Best regards,