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Deep splitting pages with change bars


Deep splitting pages with change bars


I need to use "boxing" for some blocks in XSL-FO and enable the deepcontentsplitting functionality of E3 on these boxes.

It is OK but there are some change bars with the boxing and deep splitting pages.

I noticed "Deep splitting pages with change bars is not supported" in Arbortext Help.

Does anybody have any solutions to circumvent this limitation?

Thanks a lot!



Hello Mr. Wu,

I have this problem also.

Currently, my go around solution is to split the content into multiple rows to avoid too much content in a row and occupy more than one page.



Mr. Wu,

You are correct in finding that the Deep Content Splitting is NOT supported when you need Change Bars in your output. I am very familiar with Change Bars since I'm imbedded in the Arbortext Change Page for Defense add-on from PTC. This add-on is designed around the concept of building change packages and using change bars. I have tried everything to get around this limitation and have not found one method that gives reliable output if Deep Content Splitting is turned on. It's due to the way in which the formatting engine and pagination work within PE (E3).

I have to agree with Jingjun in that the only way I too have found to get useful, reliableoutput is to manually split up the large rows within a table that would normally take up more than one page. I realize that this means you have to create a "temp" output to find out where to break the rows, but there is no other way around this.

Hope this helps,


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