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Error A17120 Assertion failed: size


Error A17120 Assertion failed: size

I am working on a S1000D IPD DM entering part numbers for a parts list. I'm using Epic 5.3 on a Windows 7 machine. All is well until I get to a certain point in the file. I can add elements and save the file and Epic never complains, but as soon as I close the file and try to re-open it, I get the following two errors and then Epic quits.

[A17120] Assertion failed: size < TXF_MARK, file ..\src\stortxt.c, line 531

and then

epic:abort (signal 22)

If I use a text editor to open the xml file and truncate it down to a certain point (around item 104), I can reopen the file, but as soon as I try to add one more tag and save it, then the file is toast again. It's like I can only put in 104 of the 139 part numbers I need to type. Granted, there's a lot of tags involved with the IPD, but the file size is only 143kb.

Has anyone anyone seen this?



The most common recommendation is to open a case with PCT for Signal 11 and/or Signal 22.

That might not be possible since version 5.3 (and version 5.4) are past the "end-of-life" date on the PTC calendar.

I wish I could help,

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Signal 22 and Signal 11 violations were/are catch all errors. Though I
haven't seen one in a long time, they were relatively common in older
versions of Epic.

Given you are using an older version of Epic, I would guess you do not have
a maintenance agreement in place. I would strongly urge you to see if you
can procure a more recent version of Epic and get and maintain a maintenance
agreement. Free upgrades and support are the big plusses.

If you'd like, I can try to open your file in newer versions. As I deal with
S1000D development, if there is a problem in the schema it needs to be
identified and corrected.



I know the Epic version we're using is no longer supported so I doubt that PTC would help me out in this case. I traced the problem to the stylesheet for the IPD module. It extracts data from the parts list and appends it to an external file that is used to then generate the numerical and equipment designator cross-reference indexes for the pub.

The module I am working on is a circuit board listing and has several hundred - maybe more - parts and some of those have a hundred or more reference designators. I think the appended file was hitting some kind of limit. It looks like Epic recreates that external file every time you open the instance and when it got to a certain size it was causing the crash??

I ended up temporarily disabling the style sheet stuff for the indexing and was able to finish creating the xml file and compose it, but I need to find a fix for the underlying problem or write something else to extract the data.