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Fragment subset


Fragment subset

Here is an interesting question. I have a document I am working that still
uses a DTD. The document consists of several file entities. Each ENTITY uses
the OASIS TR 9601 Fragment Interchange (which Epic beautifully supports).

For those not familiar with this TR, basically it allows you to use a top
level DOCTYPE in documents that are subsets of the DOCTYPE (e.g., DOCTYPE is
'doc' and you have a 'chapter').

My question is does anyone know if any other XML (that support DTD) also
support the TR 9601. I do not think Spy or Oxygen do (or if they do I
haven't found the key for it to work).

I want to work with this document on another computer that does not have
Epic and every time I open the file there are serious parsing error (mainly
ENTITIES declared either in the DTD or in the file's declaration subset) are
not being read. The reason appears to be because the TR has the Doctype
Declaration and its subset within a 'comment'


Can you switch to xlink? Not sure if that is supported by bthe other tools but I have had better results with that and arbortext supports it nicely.

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That might be a solution. Though I really don’t want to mess with the 70 or so files. Also I am not sure if I would have to change the DOCTYPE of each subordinate file to the top level tag of the file (most likely).

I may just change all the subordinate files and to do away with the ‘fragment’ support and see what happens.



Hi Lynn,

I don't know if "OASIS TR 9601 Fragment Interchange" is supported, but
since the trial is free it might be worth a try:



Lange zeit mein gutes fruend fur mich.

How are you doing. Take it off line so we don’t bother the rest of the crowd. 😄

Thanks for the help, I’ll check it out.


Well I am still struggling with this problem. Most of yesterday was spent dealing with a problem at the house, but I did migrate the files to have their DOCTYPE name be the root element of the file.

Epic does not have a problem, but Spy and Oxygen don’t like the DOCTYPE in the entity files.

I’ve started looking at XINCLUDE. Again Epic has neat internal shortcuts that allow the element <xi:include> (and an <xi:fallback> as well) to appear without being declared in the DTD. Spy and Oxygen would like them declared somewhere (actually so would I).

Therein lies my problem. I know how to declare these in schema. However, I am still stuck with a DTD and I am not sure how to do this. So before I spend any more time trying to figure out how, I figure I’ll ask if anyone has declared the <xi:include> in a DTD and if so how.

Many thanks.


I'm assuming you can edit the dtd. All you need to do is declare the attribute. So it would be an attribute name of xmlns:xlink and set a default value of the correct url. That should do the trick.

Watch out for arbortext. I've had some troubles woth change tracking working after making this sort of declaration for it.

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Hi, Lynn...

I don't know that I've ever had to add XInclude elements to a DTD, though
I'm pretty sure I've had to do so for other namespaced elements.

The trick is that DTD, unlike Schema, is not namespace-aware, so you really
just need to decide what prefix you'll use and declare the element with
that as part of the name and add the appropriate attribute definitions,
including the one for the namespace declaration (i.e., "xmlns:xi"). This
all works because the colon is a valid XML name character. As far as DTD
is concerned, it's just another name.

-Brandon 🙂


Just declaring the elements <xi:include> and <xi:fallback> in the DTD, using
the DTD models in the XINCLUDE spec is working.

But for those who recall SGML Exceptions, I REALLY miss that right now. I am
having to modify EVERY ELEMENT that is a root element in an external file. L

I tried letting Spy do a DTD to schema conversion and then when I tried to
clean it up, Spy crashed.

And yesterday wasn't even Monday.

Thanks all for the help.