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Getting File Path in ACL


Getting File Path in ACL

Hi all,

I'm new to acl and ArborText, and I am hoping somebody here could help me with an issue I'm having.

I am creating a script to manage the chunking process, where by all chunks saved to the server are saved in a folder structure that resides in the same folder where the top most file lives. so I have something like

file TopMost.xml

dir allLvlOnes

dir allLvlTwos

dir allLvlThrees


When chunking a file the first time my script works fine, because I'm using "dm_browser::current_folder();" to find the base folder to append my relative path to.

However when I check out a file and add say a lvlThree object to my lvlTwo object I need to put it into it's correct folder, but obviously "dm_browser::current_folder();" will be empty when checking in this file, and so it treats it as a "Windchill relative" and throws it into the Library/AllLvlThrees.

My first thought is of getting the path of the parent element, and going back one directory, so something like "../parent".

I'm not sure the best way to do this, and have tried looking though some documents without much luck. Can anyone assist me with a line or a document I can read? I'd greatly appreciate it.

Many Thanks in advance



You might want to look at a couple of ACL functions, first check out
absolute_file_path() (help 95) or locale_file_name() (help 254).

You might be able to capture the file information as it is being opened and
use it when you are checking the files back in.

As you say you are new to Epic, here is a tidbit. First, there are TWO help
files in Epic, the Help called by hitting F1 (which is limited pretty much
to Editor) and the 'Help Center' which you find listed further down the help
menu choices. 'Help Center' is the better of the two, no questions asked.
Second, if you turn on the Command Line in Epic (Tools | Preferences menu,
click the 'command line' button) and type in the word 'help', a space,
followed by a number (e.g., the 95 or 254), it will open the applicable help
topic. You can find the help topic number by right clicking in the help
topic window, scrolling down to properties and selecting it. The topic
number is part of the 'address' information in the properties dialog.

Hope this at least gets you started.


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