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Getting composition log from PE


Getting composition log from PE

I am trying to get a composition log from PE using the E3Client java API.

In a traditional conversion of client<->server communication, the log gets stored in an x2x directory, if I remember correctly, in the C:\Temp area (e3_temp_1234).

Within the directory is a source and target folder. Within that target folder is a few files and a subdirectory containing composition related files, such as the DVI. I am trying to get the information contained within the composerlog.xml file. This file contains composition messages, such as how far a line overset occurs on a particular page. When using the API, you do not have access to this folder structure exactly, but I'm assuming there is a way to get the information.

The E3ServerInterface has an enableLogging method on it. While handy, it appears to contain information higher level information but does not contain actual composition information.

Here's a snippet of my convert code (xml->pdf).

E3ConvertMethodInterface convert = e3.createConvertMethod(CONVERT_FORMAT);
convert.setParameter(E3ConvertMethodInterface.FOSI_PARAMETER, fosi);
convert.setParameter(E3ConvertMethodInterface.PDF_CONFIG_FILE_PARAMETER,"D:\\apps\\PTC\\PE\\lib\\"+ pdfcf);
convert.setParameter(E3ConvertMethodInterface.INPUT_FORMAT_PARAMETER, "xml");
fileSize = + "/" + filename, thisJobDir + "/out.pdf");


Just to clarify, when composition occurs, PE reports various warnings (and potential errors) including things such as small to large line oversets. I previously accessed this information from the output target directory (where you would find the composition files like the .dvi in a outputDir, and the result.xml and composerlog.xml files). The composerlog.xml file is essentially the file I want access to via the Java API). Here is an example of the file:

<division date="Fri" mar=" 22=" 09:08:22=" 2013&quot;=" millis="1363957702">
<record date="Fri" mar=" 22=" 09:08:24=" 2013&quot;=" millis="1363957704" msgid="A12615" severity="warning">
<message>Warning: A page underfull fault occurred. The page depth is 415.15pt and the minimum depth is 573.73pt. (page 9)</message>