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Here is the error message


Here is the error message

Has anyone seen this error and can you point me in the right direction to resolve it. I can't find anything in the help files that deal with this. If I open the document up in SGML Source, there is no entity file that is preventing up from deleing a row in a table. We can add rows above or below this particular row in the table and delete it just fine, it is just this particular row that we get this error message on. We are using Epic Editor 5.3 M120


Linda Shashani
Tools and Technology Team
AWS TSS Technical Publications
MC 8A-42
(253) 657-6971

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You should open a call. Any error message that either says "internal
error" or refers to a location in the C or C++ source is something that
should not appear to a customer. And your message does both. There is
something wrong inside the code. It could be triggered by something in
your setup, but there is definitely something wrong in the code.

John Dreystadt
Software Development Director
Arbortext - PTC

Hi Sindy-

Can you include the table markup, and an indication of which row
triggers the problem?