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How do you center text in Arbortext Editor 5.3?


How do you center text in Arbortext Editor 5.3?

I can center text using the HTML and XHTML doctypes by editing the attributes but can't seem to do this in SGML or XML based docs like DocBook or any of our custom DTDs. It appears that it is disabled somehow but I don't know where to enable this?

I also tried to solve this by clicking on Format --> Touchup --> Custom Touchup --> Horizontal tab --> Justification = center

Does the solution involve the Styler? DTD? FOSI?

Please help, thanks!


You have to realise that Arbortext Editor is not like Microsoft Word. MS Word is about making the text look how you want. Editor is about making the content structured. The difference here is you should be picking an element/tag for your content that causes the display to be centred.

For example, if all Heading 1 should be centered then make sure to tag all Heading 1s with the appropriate tagging. You would then update the stylesheet (usually via Styler or FOSI edits) to set the centring you require. All Heading 1s will then be centred.

Thanks Gareth, I realize the differences in both applications so I'm trying to find a way to do this in the FOSI and I don't know if we own the full license that includes Styler (I'll find out later today). The free version of Styler doesn't really help me, or I'm not sure how to use it because I ultimately need to make edits to PDF files.

However, what is the FORMAT --> TOUCHUP menu for if everything depends on editing a .style or FOSI? How is that option used? Do you know?

Or is there something I'm still not getting?

The free version of Styler will let you edit stylesheets for screen display only, not the PDF output. If you need to modify the PDF output then you either need Styler or need to roll your sleeves up and learn FOSI or APP code

The Touchup options insert PIs (processing instructions) in the markup. These are not elements nor attributes, but they are interpreted during the publishing process and can modify the PDF output. They are intended for minor "one off" changes to font, colour, epmhasis, etc.

Did Gareths answer resolve your issue?

If so, could you select the "correct answer" for the case?


The SGML or XML documents contain content, elements and attributes.

That content is structured according to the DTD or Schema.

The style (look and feel) of the document is controled by the style sheet.

The style sheet styles content based on the element the content is located in, the value of one or more element attributes and the ancestory of the element, etc.

The style sheet can be FOSI based, XSL-FO based or APP based.

(However, for 5.3 APP based styling does not exist.)

The answer to how do you center text in Arbortext using FOSI is in my FOSI QuickStart Tutorials, which are for sale at Please let me know any questions you may have.

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