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How to Automate Arbor Text


How to Automate Arbor Text

Hello Everyone,


Can you please help me to automate arbor text using C# or JavaScript for Copy and Paste Operations.


Please provide me samples if any code is available.



Thanks and Regards,




Arbortext ships with plenty of reference material. The basic premise is you usually create your own custom folder. This holds all your scripts and so on, and is pointed to by the APTCUSTOM environment variable. The "custom" folder that ships with the product acts as a template you can use to create your own custom folder.

The typical model is that you use ACL scripts (similar to Perl) to bind your code to the Arbortext interface using callback functions (hooks) and so on.

For extensive customisations most people tend to use Java, because Arbortext ships with a Java environment and has good support for interfacing with Java. Javascript is embedded using Rhino, meaning you can also interface with Java that way too.

You may be able to interface with .NET using the built-in VBscript support but I really don't know much about that.

Hello sir,


Thanks for your Suggestions , In our Company we are Using Arbor Text embedded with Wind Chill Applications , when i try to access the document through C#  which is Opened in Arbor text via Windchill application , all the document contents is read as an xml , i could not able to access menu bar items(object->Check Out) can you give me some examples code to access menu-bar Items in Java or ACL so that i can try.


C# Code 


// Obtain the Editor Application object.
Epic.Application editorApp = new Epic.Application();

// Obtain the AOM Window object from the returned ACL window id.
Epic.Window win = editorApp.ActiveWindow;

dynamic dynamicObj = (Epic.DOMDocument)win.ActiveView.Document;
// Now obtain the AOM Document object from this window.
Epic.DOMDocument doc = (Epic.DOMDocument)win.ActiveView.Document;






Thanks and regards,


I'm sorry I don't have any code handy. Perhaps someone else can help you with that. I would say that connecting to Arbortext from "outside" like your code sample shows may not get you full access to everything you need. Best to follow the ACL code path. You can start with an init.acl script and go from there.

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