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How to get content from java and insert it as xml in arbortext using ACL


How to get content from java and insert it as xml in arbortext using ACL

Hello masters!!

Here I am again with a new question. I have a java object which
constructs a tree(XML) since some elements of an Arbortext's document,
starting with one OID and then walking throw next elements of the first
OID until my desired XML was constructed, when I back to my acl code
what I'm trying to do is to paste this content in other place inside the
document, I've been trying to execute it using the 'insert_string
-markup' option however it seems that the elements are not recognized,
so, for example if I received from java the string: "<note> </note>"
Arbortext show me an error telling me the "unexpected argument: /note>"
message :'( And I'm pretty sure this is not an "out of context" error,
since I've been checking my rules of insertion every moment 😄

I don't know why is this happening? I suppose that try to insert some
XML tags is not as simple as I thought..... however, if I use the
insert_string command assigning directly the string... like this:
(insert_string -markup "<note></note>";) Works! and I don't know why 😞
So, if anybody knows more about how insertion in ACL works I would
really really appreciate your help. Also, if anyone has any idea of
another command which would be useful for me I'll be thankful for your

Hope you have a great day. Sincerely...

Paulette Zorrilla

Hi Paulette--

It looks like Arbortext is trying to interpret your markup string as part of the command rather than as a string argument. You may have better luck if you use the insert() function instead of the insert_string command. The insert() function will interpret markup in the string in the way you want here, and will handle variable values a little easier I think. (Commands in script code can sometimes be a little cantankerous about variable replacement.)

The difference between your script code and the command line test you did is probably that you used quotation marks in the command line test, but not in your script code. When using commands, the quotes are important, especially when running in a script.



Clay, thank you very much! It works using only the (insert) command... I have been trying with more complex strings and everything works fine! 😃

As always I'm pretty grateful for your help and also because of your availability to share all your ACL knowledge with us in this forum. Thanks again.

Best Regards.

Paulette Zorrilla

You're welcome, Paulette. Have a good weekend!

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