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ISO-Animation export to CGM


ISO-Animation export to CGM


i'm using Arbortext IsoDraw 7.3 to create animated graphics.

To Start the animation i create Hotspots.

When i export the iso-file to CGM with Profile WebCGM 2.0 the animation doesnt exist anymore.

The Hotspots points onto the group which is animated, but the animation doesnt start.

Does anybody know which properties do i have to enabled/disabled to get animated graphics in CGM?



From my understanding the animation functionality only works through the IsoView tool and plays the actual IsoDraw file. No way to export to CGM.

You may want to look into Creo Illustrate. This allows you to export the animation to various formats (unfortunately I do not believe CGM) based on the codecs you have loaded on your machine.

Hi Trevor,

thanks for your answer.

I have a CGM-file which has animations. This animations are played in IsoView well.

Unfortunately i cant rebuild this file. If i edit the associated iso-file and export this to cgm the animation doesnt work anymore. It seems that isoview doesnt detect the animation.

Are there any properties i can edit in IsoView?


No, animations can be saved to CGM, but you have to use the "ISO 8621 : 1999" profile for that.

Yes, IsoView is the only tool that can replay animations in those CGM files.

Animations from IsoDraw can also be saved with SVG, maybe this is interesting for you?

Hi bgraffmann,

thanks for your reply.

With that Profile it works. But only if i start the animation automatically.

If i will start the animation by an hotspot it doesnt start!

I have an cgm which is created with the WebCGM 2.0 Profile which plays animations started by Hotspots. But i cant rebuild this cgm-file.

So do you have any idea how i can rebuild this? Is there no other way except the Profile-Properties?

By the way, i create Companion-Files too. If i wont, isodraw alerts "This setting doesnt support animation". Doesnt matter which Profile i choosed...

Thank you very much