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Is Styler the way to go?


Is Styler the way to go?

I have a legacy application that consists of stylesheets for the following:
- Editor environment
- XSLT for HTML output used by an IETM viewer
- XSL-FO for PDF generation used by a 3rd party application

Currently all of these stylesheets have been developed independently,
but should be kept consistent. The HTML output uses a lot of
Javascript to manage some fault isolation steps. The Javascript hides
the branches not taken during the isolation process; rather than
showing a bunch of steps with links to the correct next step (as
would be shown in the Editor while authoring). The same steps in PDF
are actually rendered via SVG to produce flow charts.

These stylesheets are for S1000D data modules, so they are a bunch of
individual topics that are then organized as a publication. Currently
the PDF is generated by the 3rd party application because it is used
to organize the content and bring it together as a single XML file
(from SGML data modules).

I'm thinking about refactoring all these stylesheets and trying to
manage them in a consistent manner. One thought was to use Styler for
this purpose. Any thoughts on how well this might/might not work? Any
pitfalls I should worry about?

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