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Java has run out of memory


Java has run out of memory

Hi All,

I have a xml file that contains about 5 images and the xml file is 824KB.
When I publish to HTML from arbortext styler I am get "<level>FATAL ERROR</level><message>Java has run out of memory. Please use the "set javavmmemory" ACL command to increase the maximum size of the Java memory allocation pool.</message>"

I attached a snippet of the error.

Can someone please help with this ?

Ashona Krithallal


I usually set javavmmemory by creating an ACL file (simply a text file with
the extension ".acl") and store it in the init folder in the custom folder.
We always run Editor using a "custom" custom folder ... meaning NOT the one
in the Editor install directory. So, for example, the custom folder might
be located here:


We start Editor using a DOS batch file (although we do create shortcuts
pointing to those batch files). It sets an Arbortext environment variable
that will point to that custom folder. For example, one line of that batch
file will be:

set APTCUSTOM=c:\arbortext\customs\environment1

The "init" folder I referred to lives Inside the .../environment1 folder
and contains .acl files that will be run as Editor launches the first time.
(There is also an "editinit" subfolder that contains .acl files that will
be run as a document is opened. javavmmemory, though, as to be set from

So, I create an ACL for each set (or other) command so I can see just by
looking at the file names in that folder what I am doing. Others prefer a
single file with all the settings. This is a programmer style thing. Do
what you prefer. Anyhow, my file will be named:


It will contain the following comments and command:

If you are using Publishing Engine, sometimes this needs to be set there.
Sometimes instead of on Editor. Sometimes along with Editor. I do not
remember offhand when/how to tell which are required.

Hi Paul,

I will try this. 🙂

Thank you
Ashona Krithallal
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