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Macro Isodraw 7.1


Macro Isodraw 7.1


I have recorded one macro in my desktop. I want to create same macro other computer, How can I move the macro's one computer to another computer?


Macros can be stored in one of two locations (beware of putting them in both as this will cause errors when opening IsoDraw). Move the .ism file to one of them and restart IsoDraw.

1) Root install path (C:\ptc\isodraw\Program\Macros in my case)

2) Userprofile will have a folder as well. %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\ptc\IsoDraw on Windows7 machine.

I am not able to see .ism file in my C: drive

Where I will take the .ism file.

You enter in Windows OS as a "Guest" or "Administrator"?

I am using windows 7 " guest account"


You may need to change folder options in windows, inorder to see extensions. In win 7 under control panel there is a icon labeled "folder options", you will need to choose "view", then uncheck hide extensions for known file types.


I have changed my Folder options, But now also not able view Recorded .ism file to in macro folder.

Can you specify which operating system you are working with as well as which version of IsoDraw?

I am using operating system WINDOS 7, Isodraw version 7.1 Cadprocess


C:\Users\ %UserName%\AppData\Roaming\PTC\IsoDraw\Macros

This is where you can find rhe recorded macro with .ism file extension.

Open the .ism file with notepad.

Yes now i got .ism files. Thanks for your guidance.

I want to edit that .ism file, How can i do that. If any possibility for edit the. ism using notepad and load Isodraw?

If you want the same macros to be used by other users or in another machine, you should copy the .ism file to

"C:\Program Files (x86)\PTC\Arbortext IsoDraw 7.1\Program\Macros"

Please dont forget close IsoDraw before doing this....

You can open .ism file with notepad.

And if you want to manually edit the Macro you can do it using notepad itself, and save.

After saving use the tool in isodraw.

you can Create new macros as well, but you have to look at the Macro help tutorial a bit....

hi Arasu, are you from Tamil Nadu.

In the above link Valdimr has attached two Help Manuals for IsoDraw7.1 and 7.2 Macros. Download and Get Started................



Yes Vaduga,

I am Tamilnadu, you from?


my full name is Vaduganathan

Ok thanks for your comments Vaduganathan.

I have any doubt let you know.

When I am free, i am always at your service.

I learnt a lot from this forum, Key persons who can clear your doubts on IsoDraw Macros are Trevour, Tim, bgraffmann and Valdimir.

I learnt mainly from their discussions,


I recommend a slight change if you are attempting to share the macros to a group of users. With IsoDraw, you can instead place a shortcut in the macro directory. IsoDraw will then follow that shortcut. So, in my case we have a shortcut to a shared folder. The shortcut points to that folder. Each user picks up changes as they are made there.

Note that once you have a macro created in IsoDraw and are developing it you do not need to restart IsoDraw to pick up the new changes. That is only necessary when you are loading a new macro. If you simply change a macro, IsoDraw will prompt if you want to reload the next time you run and you can just click 'yes'. Saves time when developing.

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for your Guidance. Now i am able to create and edit macros.

" Have a nice day"