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can't menu_add -before ".Edit.Delete Markup" in 6.0 m010


can't menu_add -before ".Edit.Delete Markup" in 6.0 m010

I'm moving some code into a 6.0 environment and I'm having problems
managing a menu item.

I can't menu_add -before ".Edit.Delete Markup" in 6.0 m010

I can menu_add -before ".Edit.Change Markup" no problem.
response(menu_add(".Edit.Delete Markup")) produces empty message.
response(menu_add(".Edit.Change Markup")) produces "ChangeMarkup" as


A search through the Editor install tree for DeleteMarkup leads me to
$DeleteMarkupLabel but I can't find that defined anywhere ... just the
places it is used.

Why can't I menu_add -before Edit.Delete Markup?

Or, if you don't know that, where is $DeleteMarkupLabel initialized?

Or, maybe just some sympathy 😉

Paul Nagai


You have my sympathy, I ran across this a few months ago. I couldn't
find where the acl variable was initialized, either. The reason for the
variable instead of the normal menu path is that they switch the label
to "Uncomment" (if I remember correctly) when the cursor is at/in an xml
comment. You'll have to use the variable name in the menu_xxxx
commands. Here's the ugly stuff I had to do to get what I wanted
(doesn't look like you'll need to manually set the menu label like I do,
which is what I mean by ugliness):

function setDeleteMarkupMenuLabel() {
# Following if statement copied from the DeleteMarkup alias def
# in packages\commands.acl
if(oid_name(oid_current_tag() ) == '_comment') {
$main::DeleteMarkupLabel = '&Uncomment';
} else {
$main::DeleteMarkupLabel = 'Delete Mar&kup';

menu_change '.Edit.$DeleteMarkupLabel' -label '$DeleteMarkupLabel';
menu_change ':EditPopup.$DeleteMarkupLabel' -label
return 1;

#### later in a different function of the same file:
if(!menu_exists(':EditPopup.$DeleteMarkupLabel') ) {
menu_change '.Edit.$DeleteMarkupLabel' \
-active "(ico_menus::setDeleteMarkupMenuLabel() && <other stuff=">)";
menu_copy '.Edit.$DeleteMarkupLabel' -before


Brian Jensen

Hi again,
And, thanks again, Brian.

FWIW: PTC has opened a doc SPR to address this. And they found another
similar instance, Edit Undo ... which could be "Undo Delete" or "Undo
Typing". The syntax would be:

menu_add -before '.Edit.&Undo $undo_label' "my cmdname" -cmd {mycmd}