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Making a simple .FOS from a .DTD File


Making a simple .FOS from a .DTD File

Hi all,

Wondering if one of you PTCers (or anyone) can help with the little trick that Jerry Tippie use to help us with... taking a Mil-Std DTD file and making the couple of 'tweaks' necessary to make it work for a basic FOS file that Arbortext won't throw up on - when opening an XML book file? Thoughts?

Regards, Bob W. Bristol RI, US


To the best of my knowledge, there is no simple set of 'tweaks' to convert a
DTD to FOSI. The ELEMENT models in the DTD contain no formatting
information. The DTD you are using is also an XML DTD and FOSI is SGML.

I looked at your DTD and it is for MIL-STD-40051-1A/-2B. There is no 100%
FOSI that will work. For that matter the XSL-FO provided by LOGSA is less
than stellar in producing an output.

I can provide you with a FOSI that will at least give you a fairly good
screen display though some work packages are not in the FOSI. The Army
stopped using FOSI five or six years ago in favor of XSL-FO. Even then the
Army has been more concerned with revising the standard than supporting the
user with workable stylesheets.

I really shouldn't be that hard on the Army in this respect, I have been in
DOD TMs for way longer than I care to admit, doing DTDs and such for nearly
25 years. Stylesheets have always been overlooked.

The FOSI I can provide is slightly under 2MB. I will zip it and email it to
you off line.


Well I have a had a couple of requests for the FOSI so I have zipped it up
and I am posting it here on Adepters.

Here is my caveat. This FOSI was originally done for MIL-STD-40051B. Since
then 40051 has gone through three revisions and the FOSI has not been
updated to support those changes. It will do a fairly good job of presenting
a screen output, counters are normally accurate. Headers can be hit or miss
and for new elements, nonexistent. There is NO MAINTENANCE as the contract
we did this to has long expired.



(FOS file Lynn provided worked perfectly - NO STYLESHEET ERRORS on xml doc load.)

Appreciate the assist.


Bob W.

East Providence RI, US