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Migration from Unix to PC


Migration from Unix to PC

It has been a while since I last asked for assistance, but I'd like to
throw this out and tap into the vast range of experience I've come to
appreciated from fellow adepters.

I am just beginning to look into migrating from a Unix server
environment where about 30 authors log on from Unix workstations to
access a common Arbortext Editor installation and rehosting to a PC
based environment. I would like to continue using the client-server
model so I will have a single installation to maintain. I was wondering
if there are any big issues with this approach and recommendations on
how to approach this. We are a small operation and are only looking to
use Arbortext Editor for editing SGML document, not to publish them.

Robert Paisley, MSCS MSSE
Level 5 Engineer

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered;
the point is to discover them. - Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642)


My understanding is that with PCs, you can maintain all the configuration files and shared folders in one single place. Each PC installs, not from a CD, but from a special setup file from that server. If I recall correctly, each time you load, it checks the server custom directory and automatically updates the distributed PCs.

For those of us complaining about load-up speed, hear this: it allows you to configure a "compact" installation for the users.

I have tried making the custom install and it is simple to do. We all had it installed already so I haven't actually used it...yet.

From the Arbortext Editor Deployment Kit Guide:

The Arbortext Editor Deployment Kit enables you to develop a customized, compact
installation of Arbortext Editor for the Microsoft Windows platform that can be distributed
to users through a web site, shared network folder, and so forth. This chapter covers the
contents of the Deployment Kit and provides an overview of the process for creating a
compact installation.

John T. Jarrett CDT
Senior Tech Writer, Integrated Logistics Support,Land & Armaments/Global Tactical Systems

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BAE Systems, 5000 I-10 West, Sealy, Texas USA 77474

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