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Numeration in Arbortext Editor


Numeration in Arbortext Editor

Hello everyone,

I'm facing a problem since some weeks ago and I would like to know if anybody could provideme with more information about it, so, what I'm doing is, in some docbooks I'm selecting, removing, modifying and re-inserting the modified content, however I saw that in some cases when I cut sections from my docbook which corresponds to the last section in th list, let's say for example that I have:


<section> 2.1</section>



And I'm gonna suppose that I want to modify the section 2.2, so I select the section, modify its content according to my necessities and then delete that content and re-insert in the same position my new content, what I'm getting is the following...

<section 1=" ...=">


I don't unserstand why is this happening, I talked with some people in my team and they told me this has nothing to see with the stylesheets, so I'm guessing is something related with the Editor by itself, such that numbering is being kind of reinitiated, however I would like to know, is that possible? Does anybody has have issues of this type with their documents?

As always I appreciated a lot your time and reply 🙂

Have an excellent day!



Hi Paulette—

It may just be a matter of refreshing your generated text after the operation. When you do what you describe and end up with the duplicate numbering, try clicking the “lightning bolt” toolbar button, or from the menus select View->Generated Text->Update. See if that fixes your autonumbering.

If that works, then you should be able to add it to your ACL code to do this automatically after the operation, using the “show gentext” command. (Note that this can be slow for large documents.)

If that doesn’t work, then there may be something more involved with how your application is doing autonumbering, and we’d have to see more of the code to know what’s happening.


Sheesh PTC is really messing with return addresses. Rather than using the ‘adepters’ email, the return is for ‘support’ (see the misdirected email below). So a reply goes to the single sender and reply all goes to both adepters and the sender. Copying the return doesn’t work.

Way to go PTC.