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Paste Error


Paste Error


Arbortext Editor Message

Hi Suresh,

It looks like you attempted to paste "something" into your document? I
guess that from the title of your message.

The last operation has caused a context error. - Your DTD controls what
markup tags can be used in the document and in what order. Basically
whatever you pasted in didn't quite "fit" the order of the tags in the
DTD. Thus it is a "context error". Context Checking was on when you

Normally, the operation that caused the error would be "undone", but the
change to the document was too large for an undo to work. - Not good. I
hope you have a backup of the original file. Of course if you exit
without saving no change should be made to the original file. Try making
smaller changes one at a time.

Consequently, the document currently has a context error, and context
checking has been turned off. - The context checking has been turned off
so that you can fix the error. A context error is caused when your tag
structure no longer follows your DTD. Typically this happens to me when
I edit a document manually in a text editor and leave something out.
When I re-open the file in the Editor it parses the file against the DTD
and tells me that I've got a context error. When I'm in the Editor and
attempt to paste something into my document that doesn't follow the DTD
I usually get an error message telling me that it's not allowed somehow
you seem to have got beyond that first defense.

Choose Check Completeness from the Tools menu to locate the context
error. - Click on the green arrow in your editor, that will check the
document and a dialog box will pop up with the errors in your document.
You can click on links to take you to specific errors. The errors can be
somewhat mystifying depending on the nature of what you were trying to
do. Note that depending on what you did it may be somewhat more simple
to use the previous "good" version of your document and make smaller
changes one at a time until you run into an error.

When the error is corrected, choose Context Rules from the Tools menu to
turn context checking back on. - You need to do this to maintain the
validity of your documents structure. If you work with the Context Rules
off you can put any tag anywhere, but when you use the green checkmark
to validate the document against the DTD you'll get errors.

Hope this helps somewhat.


"Click on the green arrow in your editor" should read"

"Click on the green checkmark in your editor"

...its early...

Thanks for your inputs Greg.