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Printing from Arbortext

Printing from Arbortext

Hello Bob,

Arbortext Styler includes Print Composer functionality. It is more
expensive than Composer, but it is sufficiently chipper than Print Server,
about $6000K.



Printing from Arbortext

So the question becomes "How long will V6.1 be supported?" also "So when
V6.1 is not supported, I take it that then we are forced into PE or whatever
the greatest tool is at the time?"

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Printing from Arbortext

It will all depend upon your needs. What styling language are you using? If you have to use Foss then arbor text is about the only option. If you can use xylophone then you have many options that are not dependent upon the editor that you use.

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RE: Printing from Arbortext

Sorry if it seems a dumb response, but I really don't know "What styling language are you using?"

They (gov't) use Arbortext, but are so large that they use the Arbortext Print Server - cost prohibitive for us (believe they're also moving to a content mngmnt system as part of their setup - but again, they're large... we're tiny.)

We don't 'style' or do ACL, or any other serious or heavyweight XML/XSL stuff here. Frankly, that's all pretty expensive perishable knowledge to gain and then hold, if it's not used daily/weekly, ya? Tho' there are some folks here who fancy themselves as 'stylin'.... but I digress.

At this point, looks like the $6K Styler will likely be our only realistic option going forward (particularly in light of the low number of seats here (again, <10).

Thanks again for the insights.

Bob W. Bristol RI, US

Printing from Arbortext

Most of the mils peculiar I've run into require FOSI. If they use xslfo then you can get a number of different engines.

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Printing from Arbortext

We’ve had good luck with RenderX. Thought be conscious of some variations in rendering engines. I believe the server side RenderX engine is about half of what you are looking at otherwise.

~Trevor Hendricks

Printing from Arbortext

The loss of Print Composer will be a major blow to Epic sales to small
business or like me the occasional independent contractor. But then we all
know PTC's feelings about Epic. L



RE: Printing from Arbortext

Hi all-

So I think there are somearound what I am communicating about Print Composer. I did not say it would stop being supported after 6.1. What I did want to make people aware of was that if they were stil on 6.0 and planning on moving to 6.1, they would have to generate new license keys because of how the new Flex licensing works. That new license will STILL allow you access to Print Composer if you have purchased it.

One more time:

  • being retired

  • Has nothing to do with 6.1’s end of life (which we have not determined any date for yet).

  • sales.

  • If anyone has other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me directly, I'm happy to help and address your issues.

    Pushpinder Toor, SLM Solution Manager

Printing from Arbortext

Hi Pushpinder

Why can't you just come out and say what these options are, rather than sending us off to resellers?
You opened this can of worms on a public forum, please be good enough to answer it on a public forum....

This isn't the first time PTC have said they aren't going to sell any new Print Composers, yet the demand is still there.
I have never understood the reasons for not pushing it, it is a good fit for many smaller businesses.

I need to know up front what the low-cost alternatives are that I can recommend to my customers and what I need to develop my applications for.

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Re: RE: Printing from Arbortext

Hi Bob,

What did you end up using to improve your Arbortext to print output? I work tech pubs for a small business in AL and we are having issues with some things when docs are converted to pdf. The method we use is file, print preview (at which time Arbortext reads the stylesheet (MIL-STD-2361D XSL-FO (xslfo-main-v5_0.xsl)).  The main issue I'm having is a very ugly TOC.  I cannot figure out how to adjust long wp titles so that they will wrap, rather than slamming into the wp number.  In addition to that, when it does drop to the second line there is no indenture. It looks REALLY bad w/everything left aligned.  I've been banging my head for days, while trying to find some piece of something that would help in these forums.  After much reading, it seems that the issues you posted in 2014 most closely resemble what I'm up against.

What I'm trying to figure out is, do we need some sort of additional software, ie print composer, to "fix" the formatting issues.  As you know, there is very little we can do to change the stylesheet and still validate our manuals.  I'm wondering if we are missing some magical software that will help us produce a decent looking document.

Any and all input would be much appreciated.


Huntsville, AL