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Restricting graphics size using print FOSI


Restricting graphics size using print FOSI


In editor view, image can be of any size. Its size in the editor and print preview is currently controlled by <graphics> attributes like "scalefit", "scaleheight", "scalewidth", "scalepct" and "resol".

In the print FOSI, we have defined a page having definition for header and footer. This image is the only element which can appear in the body text area of this page.

Currently, if image size is big enough, it overlaps with the footer area. Now, we want to restrict the image size within the flowtext area and it should never flow to the footer area, irrespective of the graphic's attribute values and image size.

Please let us know how this can be achieved in the print FOSI. We have not come across anything in the print FOSI which could limit the size of the graphics within the flowtext area.

This is very high priority issue for us. Your quick and valuable information will be appreciated.

Best Regards,
Girish Kumar

Graphics, like tables, are mostly handled by Arbortext Editor directly, rather than by the FOSI. However, if graphics are specified in the document as entities rather than file names, in the FOSI you can use fillval and putgraph to size the graphic.

<e-i-c gi="graphic" context="???">
<charlist inherit="1" charsubsetref="SUPPRESS"></charlist>
<fillval attname="boardno" attloc="graphic" fillcat="putgraph" fillchar="graphname">
<putgraph depth="???" scalefit="1"></putgraph>

It sounds like you only want to size graphics that are too large. You could do this manually by setting an attribute on the graphic which the FOSI would read to determine whether to size the graphic. Or, an automated process could be developed to detect an overset graphic on a specific page number, in which case an ACL variable or attribute in the document would be set to indicate to the FOSI that the graphic should be sized.

If graphics in the document are not specified as entities, an ACL pre-print process could be developed to temporarily declare the appropriate graphic entities and add an attribute to the graphic element for the graphic entity names, so the FOSI processing described above could be used.

Good Luck!
Suzanne Napoleon
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