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Save as SGML


Save as SGML

Adepters and Adeptites,

I haven't been able to find anything about this in Help.
Can somebody tell me how "Save as SGML" works in Arbortext Editor or point to some documentation that does? I have temporarily lost access to the Programmers Reference Guide so I can't look there, if there is anything there.
I can get it to work with the axdocbook demo.xml file and it works pretty well. Other XML files have the menu item grayed out. I presume that the target SGML DTD/doctype is defined somewhere, but I can't find out where.
The file shows the command for the Save as SGML menu selection to be "FileSaveAsSGML" with a qualifier of "!doc_dtd_not_defined()".
I presume that the target SGML DTD is defined somewhere, but again I don't know where.

If all this is in the Programmer's Reference Guide then that is enough of an answer.

I know that asking to "Save as SGML" today is like asking for a way to make my polio vaccine ineffective or something, but we need to be able to do this somehow.

Thanks for any help.


There isn't a lot in the help center. However, the function
doc_dtd_not_defined is in the help. Topic 10018. The save as help is 9132
(if you can get to help by typing in the help ####).

Try typing 'eval doc_dtd_not_defined()' on the command line and see if you
get a return of '0'. If not that seems to be saying Epic cannot find a
DTD/Schema (and I tried this with files using both DTD and Schema in the
DOCTYPE header both files returned the '0').

There is also a 'doc_dtd_not_found()' function, help 2091 that is pretty


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