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Stack Overflow Exception A31547


Stack Overflow Exception A31547


Using Arbortext version 6.0;

When trying to add/delete elelment tags, content, etc, session frequently crashes with this error.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason. It happens at random, and con not necessarily recreate any one particular instance.

I'm hoping that I'm not the only one who has experienced this type of issue.


I am receiving message number A31641 ("unexpected exception within timer"), and another message ("editor.exe: segment violation (signal 11)"), with no rhyme or reason either.

I've been told that the software upgrade should at lease address A31641.

Perhaps this is the same with what you are experiencing?

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Scott, Did you get any resolution over this? I am facing the similar issue of ("unexpected exception within timer"). Any of your comments will be appreciated


I just experienced a similar problem. I went to add a tag and stack overflow.

For mine it was a specific tag, which I had recently added to my XML schema.

As I looked at the schema, I realized I had created a recursive tag to create an infinite amount of nesting.

So, I can add the first level and the first nested level, then "stack overflow" when I add the second nested sibling.

This was with 6.0 M100 and 6.0 M140

I reconfigured the schema to call out each nested element and the problem cleared up

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