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The Xpath stuff


The Xpath stuff

Hello everybody!! 😃

Ok, so I've been finding too many discussions talking about XPath and I
feel pretty bad because I can not have a clear idea of what XPath is? 😞
I investigated in the Arbortext Command Language Reference but I only
found examples and I would like to understand how and where is
recommended to use XPath, please if anybody is kind of expert in this
area I would really appreciate a lot your help! I'm feel in the
necessity to learn about XPath but I don't have any idea from where I
can start. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

As always I have not words to thank you all your time and support. Best

Paulette Zorrilla.

Ken Holman's got books, video and in-person training on XPath (tied to XSLT)

1. Books:

3. In-Person Training:
I see he's doing a private delivery in San Diego in September, but you
might be...

If you don't want to write heaps of code to navigate and find content in an XML document then use xpath.

Eg. Gather list of all images in a document:


Find a certain image in sections only:

//section//img[@src = "filename.jpg"]


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w3schools has good basic references and OK tutorials on XSL/XSLT and XPATH.

taking a formal class, starting there and figuring out what happens when
you BREAK the stylesheet wou...


This is one of the best reference books on XSLT and XPath:

I would highly recommend going here and joining the XSL forum once you're familiar with XPath/XSLT:

XSL-List info and archive:

Wooow!! Thank you very much for your help and recommendations! I really appreciatte it! I'm gonna visit some links you sent me and also, try to get some of the recommended books.

Gareth your response is more than clear, now I have a clearer idea of the XPath functionality, mainly at the time that I'm implementing certain functions with ACL in Arbortext. As always your help is more than useful. Thank you so much!