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XML stylesheet error

5-Regular Member

XML stylesheet error


I am converting SGML doctypes to XML but I get the following error when running the stylesheet validation:

Expected an element name

The error points to a parameter entity in the DTD:

<!ELEMENT entry %tblcon;>

I have removed this and tried validation but the errors always point to parameter entities.

Any help would be appreciated!




Are you attempting to incorporate the CALS table model in your document type?

Do you have in your AEInstallPath\doctypes\catalog references to the CALS table model?

What is your error message?

5-Regular Member

Hi Tim,

Yes I am trying to incorporate the CALS table model in the doctype. My catalog file has a reference to the CALS table DTD.

The Architect error message is:

C:\xml-cch\common\table.dtd : Line: 112 Column: 38

Expected an element name

Line 112 in table.dtd reads:

<!ELEMENT entry %tblcon;>

The %tblcon; parameter entity is in a file called common.dtd and reads:

<!ENTITY % tblcon "(


%emph; |

%ref; |

%text; |

picture |


)* ">

Please let me know if you need any other info.


Did you include or reference the calstblx.dtd?

  • Arbortext support for CALS tables is quite specific.
  • Variation from actual table model not supported.
  • Ensure table code conforms to existing CALS table model.
  • Structure and attributes must be same.
  • Consider referencing model found at
    • [install_path]\entities\calstblx.xsd
    • [install_path]\entities\calstblx.dtd
  • Change the attributeFormDefault="unqualified"

I had a similar problem and it seems that XML does like #PCDATA when you can also call TEXt with a #PCDATA in it too.

I use CALS tables in all our DTDs

My tablecon looks like
<!ENTITY % tblcon "(warning | caution | note | regulation | para | para1 | seqlist | randlist | ftnref | graphic)+" >

the called entity is:

ENTITY % NAVtable PUBLIC "-//Navistar//DTD Fragment for Table Markup V1.01//EN" >


We do not type only text in a table hence we do not use PCDATA either in our SGML or XML dtds


Have you gotten your CALS tables to work?

If so, could indicate how you were able to get them working?

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