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change bar on figure caption


change bar on figure caption

I am trying to implement change marking in an existing FOSI. The DTD provides a change mark attribute on most of the relevant elements and everything is working nicely except for the figure captions.

The DTD uses a <figure>,<title> and <graphic> structure and the FOSI suppresses the content in <title> and uses a savetext to capture the title content that is then presented below the <graphic> element with a <usetext>. This is the customer's desired presentation and it has worked fine for the title content in past projects. But now they want change bars.

Adding the change att rule on the <figure><title> element, I get a bar to the left and above the <graphic> which kind of makes sense, but I need to find a way to get the change bar to display to the left of the actual caption on the page (and multiple pages if it is a multi-sheet figure). Could I put the caption in a float instead to make this work? Has anyone dealt with this situation before and able to give some hints?



Try creating a pseudo-tag and an e-i-c for it, something like this: <e-i-c gi="change.psu">

<charlist inherit="1" charsubsetref="brk-inline">

<chgmark barthick="3pt" type="content">


Then in your e-i-c where you have the <savetext>, put two <att>s - one tocheck for change attribute and wrap the contents of your title withthe <change.psu> pseudo-tag and another <att> to construct the same <savetext> without the pseudo-tag wrapper.



Thanks for the suggestion. I had tried the pseudo tag approach already since that is how I made the repeated table titles' change bars show up correctly. But those titles were in a float so I thought maybe that was making a difference and it was time to ask the experts.

There must be some quirk in the FOSI coding for <figure>s that is throwing this off. I need to sit down and play with it all again tomorrow when I don't feel a migraine coming on. I'm sure it will turn out to be some little thing that I'm overlooking.

The interesting thing is if I tag all or part of the text content of the title as an inline <changed> element, it works perfectly and the bar shows up where it should and on all the sheets, too. So I guess I could have the writers use that as a workaround if I can't figure this out before their deadline.

This article I found may be applicable:

Document - CS59100
Type Article
Date Created 04-Apr-2012 15:59:41 EDT
Date Last Updated 18-Jun-2012 16:06:59 EDT
Title Do change bars in floats work in FOSI output in Arbortext Editor 5.4
Description Do change bars in floats work in FOSI output
Applies To Arbortext Editor 5.4 all releases
Resolution Change bars for multipage floats are not supported
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