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check completeness with Arbortext Editor 6.1 M020


check completeness with Arbortext Editor 6.1 M020

Hi guys,

we have problems with the output window of the completeness check in the newest version of Arbortext Editor 6.1 M020.

If anything was not valid then the Editor 5.4 showed following window:


As you can see there was possible to click on the errors to jump directly to the error.

In the Editor 6.1 we get following output with the same xml file:


These informations are not helpful and we cannot jump to the error. In our opinion is this completeness check in the newer version very disappointing.

Maybe we do anything wrong. Anybody an idea how to get the old output? We hope you can help us.


Hi Hubert

In case you haven't resolved the issue yet, sere are a few qualifying questions to try to pinpoint the issue.

  1. Are you getting the error window while using "Tools - Check Completeness"?
  2. Are you seeing the behaviour on several (all?) PCs?
  3. Are you seeing the behaviour on OOTB doctypes (Docbook / DITA)?
  4. Can you, please, attach the sample XML so I could try to reproduce th error?

There is no functionality degradation in completeness check area, as far as I'm aware.

See below a sample error completeness error messages in 6.1 M020.




Dear Dmitry,

thank you for your answer.

Meanwhile we know, what the reason was for this strange behaviour:

We are using custom-installations of Arbortext Editor. For this installations we have customizations zipped in As we know in this there should only be content of customizations. For example .acl - Skripts, java classes and so on. Therefore in our zip there are also only this customizations inside. But unfortunately Arbortext Editor need in doctypes the folder 'eventlog' to get the correct completeness check results like in your screenshots.

We dont know why this folder must be a part of the customizations, but this was the solution in this case.

Thank you again for your help.

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