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command line


command line

Ok, I am too lazy to find it my email mess. I want to do a perl (or bat)
script firing off Arbortext from a command line with Arbortext opening a
file, running a set command, validate, save it out and the perl script
continues doing more magic.

#--- Sets the length of the file width before a line break
set outputrecordlength=10000

I went looking thru 10 years of emails and cannot find it. But, I know Clay
or Liz (plus dozen others could answer it in their sleep).


Hi Doug--

I'm not sure about the "in my sleep" part--though some days I feel like I'm doing all my programming in my sleep... 😉

Anyway, about your question, you can use the -c switch when starting Arbortext to execute a command, e.g.

C:\Program Files\PTC\Arbortext Editor\bin\x64\editor.exe -c "print composed" foo.xml

So, you can combine this with Windows command syntax (a batch file) to iterate over a set of files, something like this:

:REM print all files in directory
for %%i in (*.xml) do (
echo "C:\Program Files\PTC\Arbortext Editor\bin\x64\editor.exe" -c "print composed" %%i

If you want to do something at all complicated inside Arbortext, I'd recommend defining a function to accomplish it, and then calling the function in this way. The idea is to make the code you pass to the -c parameter on the command line as simple as possible.


Except take the "echo" out of the command inside the loop. (I didn't actually want to print all my XML files when testing the script...)