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double-clicking XML => "Existing window is busy ..."


double-clicking XML => "Existing window is busy ..."


Arbortext 6.0 m090. Windows 7. Arbortext Editor launched via our batch
file. No othre action taken.

Double-clicking XML files causes the following error to display:

[A14123] Existing window is busy or has an active dialog box. Do you want
to start another Arbortext Editor session?

We do not because will not have the necessary environment settings present
in the batch file. Has anyone seen this behavior? Fixed it?

We get something similar attempting to launch the XML files from Documentum
Webtop. For what it's worth ...

Paul Nagai

The only time I have seen this has been when there was still an editor.exe process running.

Interesting. If I rem the registration of Editor, it works.
Specifically this line:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\PTC\Editor60m090\bin\x86\editor.exe" -RegServer

Without that line, the start "stalls" with this:
COM registration failed: Access Denied

After clicking OK, Editor opens. And the subsequent double-clicking of XML
loads it in Editor.

After I've run our m010 instance of Editor, when I reload m090 without the
-RegServer line in the batch file, the Editor start "stalls" with:
[A31568] Arbortext Editor has detected that this version is no longer
configured correctly.
To automatically correct this problem, Arbortext Editor requires
elevated permissions.
After you select OK, Windows will ask you to confirm the permissions.

After granting the Windows request, Editor loads and will receive
double-clicked XML.

I want authors to be able to switch back and forth as seamlessly as
possible. Even designating the shortcut calling the batch file to run as
Administrator requires an OK from the user. Running without it will require
an OK ... but to a "warning" rather than just a confirmation request. Less

Unless anyone has ideas on how to execute JUST the -RegServer line in the
batch file as Administrator.

Any thoughts?