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entity declarations for graphics getting added to headers


entity declarations for graphics getting added to headers

Hi Adepters:

I've recently taken over Arbortext duties for a colleague who retired (Dave Hintz, whom some of you may be familiar with), so I'm still fairly new to some of this.

We recently moved some of our users from AE5.4 M171 to AE6.0 M100. One of our 6.0 users has an intermittentproblem when copying and pasting content from one AE window to another. The headers in all ofour documents should look like this:

< !DOCTYPE xpsDocument [
< !ENTITY % textents PUBLIC "-//Siemens PLM LMD Tools//ENTITIES XPS Project Text//en_US" "text.ent">
< !ENTITY % idsents PUBLIC "-//Siemens PLM LMD Tools//ENTITIES ids//en_US" "ids.xps.ent">

However, sometimes when this user pastes content in, graphic entity declarations for the graphics used are getting added to the header as well:

< !ENTITY "&xps.library.root.teamcenter-10.1.2-en_US;/graphicLibrary/tc/cpd/scenarios/phase4.png">

I cannot duplicate the problem, and it only happens some of the times when this user pastes content containing graphics. In our startup ACL file we set writeentdecls=rootallchildall, and have been doing this for a long time. I wondered if perhaps this user doesn't have this set for some reason, but I cannot find a way to verify what writeentdecls is set to. It is not listed in Advanced Prefs (maybe so users can't change it?), and I can't get the command line in AE to show me any information on it. I thought perhaps "eval writeentdecls" would show me the value it's set to, but it just shows "writeentdecls", even after I explicitly set it at the command line.

Has anyone encountered any similar problems, or have any suggestions what could be causing AE to insert entity declarations in the headers?

thanks very much!

Melanie Petersman



eval option(writeentdecls)

will get you the current setting.

I have seen similar problems in the past, but I don't remember offhand what they were. Perhaps others can help there.


- Dave H.

Dave Helfinstine

Thanks very much Dave - that was one of the things I was looking for!