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Resolve entities in Editor


Resolve entities in Editor

Hey folks,



Hi Jeff--

Look at the doc_flatten command and/or function (it appears in both forms), it sounds like it will do what you are after.


I'm using an old version (5.3m040), but you might look at the doc_flatten command line in the help system.
doc_flatten { file | text | all} [undeclare]
This alias replaces the text and/or file entity references with the corresponding entity content. It always works on the entire document. The command should be used with caution, because when the document is saved, all data about the prior existence of entity references is lost. It is good practice to perform a File→Save As after running the doc_flatten alias. The following arguments control the scope of the alias’ execution:
* file - flattens file entities only.
* text - flattens text entities only.
* both - flattens both text and file entities.
* include - flattens XIncludes only.
* all - flattens all text and file entities as well as XIncludes.
By default, the entity declarations are retained. If the optional parameter undeclare is provided, then the declarations are removed.
For the doc_flatten function, see help7789


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The reason that that it says to perform a Save As before doing the doc_flatten command is that you cannot use the Edit > Undo menu selection to undo this, You either have to Save As before you perform doc_flatten or you must exit without saving.

Thanks for the replies. The problem was in the burst spec. They are set to entity. Changed to xinclude instead.


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