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external hyperlinks in pdf


external hyperlinks in pdf

How do you activate external links when generating pdf . eg. links to other pdfs


See "help 2120".

Thanks Dave,

How is this coded within the FOSI ?



Well, in our schema we have an element for URL links, "linkURL" that passes the URL in an "address" attribute. Here's the FOSI code:

<e-i-c gi="linkURL">

<indent inherit="1">
<quadding inherit="1">
<highlt inherit="1" fontclr="blue">
<att logic="and">
<fillval attname="id" fillcat="link" fillchar="address">

You also need an entry in your DCF file identifying the link element and the attribute containing the URL (uri). Here's ours:

<link element="linkURL" uri="address"/">

So, for PDF links between PDFs, build the URL as described in the Arbortext help and use a similar link element.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for this - all working now.

Didn't mention any of this within Arbortext Help.



Yes, as I recall there used to be a Samples book from Arbortext that had lots of very valuable examples of how to do things. I don't know whatever happened to that book. Maybe someone else on this list (or from Arbortext) knows where it is.


In many cases, the best way to figure out how to do something is to look
at Arbortext's own code. For example, to see how hyperlinks work, you
could look at the files supporting axdocbook to see how their styler
sheets and DCF are configured for link elements to make hyperlinks.

Also, all the pieces of this really are there in the help, but they can
be hard to find if you don't know where to look, and it can be difficult
to put the pieces together when you're first getting up to speed with
Arbortext customization. This is where it is especially useful to look
at the way Arbortext configures its default doctypes. For example, if
you grep for "ulink" in the axdocbook doctype directory, you'll see
where it's defined as a link element in the DCF, and where it's styled
in the Styler stylesheet. From there you can consult the help for more
details on <link> in the DCF file, and on the "Link" style in Styler, if

I don't remember seeing a Samples book, but there is a samples directory
in the Arbortext installation tree that also contains many good,
well-commented examples of various kinds of customizations.

And there's always Adepters for when all else fails. 🙂


About 15 years ago, there was a booklet with FOSI techniques, but it became mostly obsolete with the Adept 8 release, which supported a later version of the OutSpec DTD.

Suzanne Napoleon
"WYSIWYG is last-century technology!"

Well, we first started using FOSIs and Adept 5.1 around 1990, so it’s no wonder I remember there being such a book!

At 11:44 AM 4/30/2010, you wrote:
>I don't remember seeing a Samples book, but there is a samples
>directory in the Arbortext installation tree that also contains many
>good, well-commented examples of various kinds of customizations.

I have an old "handout" that was created for one of the first User
Group meetings. I keep it locked in a vault as it is invaluable when
it comes to giving a good description of what is going on and why
things are done the way they are. yeah you can hack code and try to
find all the "connected" parts but there is nothing that substitutes
for good documentation.

Danny Vint

Panoramic Photography

So, Dan,

Any chance you could find a way to share that handout? Scan or whatever? Some of us have never had the opportunity to attend one of those, much less that particular one.

But now we know who to call, huh? 🙂
Steve Thompson

Yes Dan! Please share!

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