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how do i know where..


how do i know where..

Hi all,

how do i know where arbortext editor is going to hypenate my line? im creating a table, with 'long' text (already the absolute minimal letters)

and this text is just chopped off in ran-

dom fash-

ion, mak-

ing rea-

ding an-


Entering blank spaces to compensate for breaking, does not help much, as the effect is only seen after a preview is published.

(our company does not make use of AT styler.)

any help MUCH appreciated,

Thank you, have a great weekend!



From the playing with talbles that I have done, its a guessing game. It depends on how the style sheet formats your table. I find the table in editor looks nothing like the one that is published. If you want you can add a new line (shift + enter) after the text. This will cause the next word to be on its own line.



Hi Chris,

I am not aware of anyone who has come up with a customization that will allow hyphenation review within Editor. You might be able to streamline a composed review by selecting the table and issuing the following command (or a variation of it ... check Help on the root commant) on the command line:

print compose selected force

After that, your best bet, if you haven't solved this or moved on already, is to join the Adepters mailing list where lots and lots of Arbortext users, admins, and developers hang out 24/7/366 (it is a leap year, you know!). Information on joining that list (as well as pointers to lots of other Arbortext resources) can be found here:

See also:

Good luck!

You can turn off hyphenating under Edit Stylesheet. You should be able to do that for just tables, I think.

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