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planetPTC 2011 FOSI presentation ideas


planetPTC 2011 FOSI presentation ideas

I'm reviewing material for presentation at planetPTC 2011, and I'm looking for
input on which of the following to include. What else would you suggest?

- Slash formatting time by 50% or more with FOSI and Arbortext Editor's
formatting pass reduction feature

- Cool stuff you can do with FOSI Regions

- Fancy FOSI Footwork: How to access the content of suppressed child elements

- How to code your FOSIs to optimize generated text updates in the Edit window

- "Lights-out" formatting with Arbortext Editor and FOSI

- Tips and Tricks:
* Learn the 3 things that can slow FOSI formatting and how you can avoid them
* Learn 5 ways to make your FOSIs easier to maintain
* Learn 7 ways to work around a DTD to achieve the desired formatting
Suzanne Napoleon
"WYSIWYG is last-century technology!"


All the subjects listed below are very interesting to me. I would try to attend all of those classes.

Here Here! Awesome subjects. Too bad only one of us can go. Take really good notes.

At this point, I'm thinking about combining topics into the following two
presentations. Whaddya think?

"Light-speed," "lights-out" formatting with FOSI and Arbortext Editor
* Slash formatting time by 50% or more with Formatting Pass Reduction
* Tips for avoiding coding that can slow FOSI formatting
* Tips for "lights-out" formatting
* Tips for working around a DTD

Includes demonstrations of Formatting Pass Reduction and "lights-out"

So you thought it couldn't be done with FOSI ...
* Accessing the content of suppressed child elements
* Upside-down text and more with FOSI Page Regions
* Testing if an element has content


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I will be there for those presentations. That is the type of information I'm looking for when attending this conference.

Thanks - and I am looking forward to it!

What exactly does "lights out" formatting mean?

For most folks, "lights out" formatting is a fully automated process
with no manual steps, completely controlled by the stylesheets,
transforms, etc.

In your case, Ed, it's when the creaky electrical system in your
building goes on the fritz again and you need to finish a formatting
job quick before your UPS gives out.

I'm sure Suzanne would like me to emphasize that FOSI is a good choice
for either scenario, but I'd also point out that APP is pretty handy
on both counts, as well. 🙂

-Brandon 🙂

Hi Suzanne-

Those sound like great topics! I'll look forward to seeing them.



For those of us with no hopes of attending, do you plan to make anything available after the presentation. Too bad you couldn't have it recorded and post a link.

Dave Hintz

Assuming something is accepted by PTC, I'll add to my website whatever I
present. (The presentations from the past two years are there now.) And I'll
look into other ways to get content out there.


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