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setting Java classpath


setting Java classpath

Hello everyone,

I'm planning an upgrade from 5.3 to 6.0, and have found that the Java
classpath is handled differently with the new version.

Using Arbortext Editor 5.3, I can use 'set javaclasspath' in the ACL
file specified with the APTRC environment variable. That doesn't work
in 6.0, giving the error: '[A11682] Cannot execute the "set
javaclasspath" command because the Java Virtual Machine has been
loaded.' Is there another way to set the Java classpath
programmatically? I have a clumsy workaround of setting the
APTCLASSPATH environment variable, but that's not preferred. Any

>> Randy



I would recommend doing this in your "init" scripts if you are using a
custom directory structure. This would be in the "init" directory in
your custom directory structure.

At the command line of Arbortext Editor:

help 5046

This topic discusses the structure of the init directory, and the
sequence of startup.

The java initialization happens earlier in EA 5.4 and 6.0 requiring
earlier additions to the classpath before the JVM is initialized.


-Dave H.

Dave Helfinstine

- <">mailto:->

Thanks, Dave. The init script is run before the JVM is loaded but
generates an error when setting the javaclasspath variable:
"[JavaPackage com.ptc.prowt.arbortext.WindchillAdapter] is not a
function, it is org.mozilla.javascript.NativeJavaPackage." Have you
seen that before? The java customizations run successfully once this
message is cleared. We don't use Windchill or have any references to it
in our code.

I currently have the set javaclasspath command in the custom.acl file in
the Arbortext/packages folder to get things to work as in v5.3, but
that's a less than ideal solution.

>> Randy