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Anyone using Pro/Markup?


Anyone using Pro/Markup?

You may have also seen this post on PlanetPTC.
I'm attempting to find out if anyone is still using Pro/Markup. We're trying to understand if it can be removed now that Creo Elements/View (ProductView) has good markup capabilities.

If you are using it:

  • Who uses it?
  • What would make it better?

If you are not using it, still let us know.

  • Why are you not using it?
  • Was it missing functionality?

Any other feedback you have is welcome!



Creo Product Manager



I would definitely advise AGAINST removing this tool from Pro/Engineer
despite the very little use of it by our clients. The reason is that most of
our users, especially the very small companies with a dozen designers or
less do not use ProductView and usually do not have the means to implement
this software. Removing a tool that they can use without giving them a
reasonable alternative (ProductView is NOT one) would be very
counterproductive and would strengthen their feeling that PTC just doesn't
care a bit about them. That would be a very bad move when we are trying to
stop our small users from moving to other companies that they feel are more
friendly towards their needs.

Just my 0.02$

Uriel Avron
Harmonic Systems Ltd.

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