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Help starting Family-table driven UDF


Help starting Family-table driven UDF

We use a lot of straight-thread o-ring boss ports, so I thought that would be a good one to create as a UDF. I think it's perfect for a family-table driven UDF, too, since the ports all have the same shape and port dimensions are tabulated in the spec.

Does anyone have any pointers how I would start?

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I've been using Family Table UDF's for several years and I would say there's not much difference between the UDF Family Tables and other Family Tables, except one thing that irritates me. It is that you can't verify any of the instances. For some reason PTC has removed the Verify button in the family table. To work around this what I do is take a copy of my entire UDF Family Table and paste it into a Family Table in the Reference Model of the UDF and then run the verify there. Other than that alls the same.

Normal Family Table:


UDF Family Table:


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