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Clearing the Pro/E - Windchill Server cache


Clearing the Pro/E - Windchill Server cache

Hey there,

Looking for more information on what exactly clearing the Server Cache in Pro/E does.

Are new and modified parts that have not been uploaded or checked in safe?

How often should it be cleared?

Any best practices concerning the cache that you use?

From the help files:

<h1>To Clear the Cache</h1>
  1. Click Tools > Server Registry. The Server Registry dialog box opens.

  2. Click the Cache tab. The Cache tabbed page opens.

  3. Click Clear. The cache for all of your workspaces is deleted.

(See attached screenshot for what I am referring to)


Clearing the cache removes any unmodified parts from your local
workspace. When you go to open up an assembly that uses those files,
they will have to be re-downloaded.

This can help in a couple of ways:

1. If you have a small dm_cache_limit set then Pro/E writes over older
files when it reaches that limit. This has been known to cause workspace
corruption. Clearing the cache makes sure you have room to write to.

2. If you have a corrupted workspace than sometimes clearing it like
this can help because any corrupted files can be re-downloaded.

Note that re-downloading files can take time especially for large

I have my dm_cache_limit set to 0 which makes it limited only by the
space available on my entire hard drive and haven't looked back.

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