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I have done some work for a client in WF 3.0. Turns out they can not run WF 3.0 on their system just yet.

Is there anyway to save the WF 3.0 work as WF 2.0 files?

Any help is geatly appreciated.

Steve Throndset

There is no way for them to now receive a "native" WF 2 file.

However, if you save out a neutral file (.neu) they will be able to open
it with no problem.

Kevin Alexander

I stand corrected! Thanks to Brad Hacker!

PTC TPI explains how to do this:
5-Regular Member

Wildfire 2.0 can open native Wildfire 3.0 parts and assemblies. (I've
tested it and found that it does work) See below for details:

Number 132326
Type TPI
Created Date 03-Mar-2006
Last Updated 29-Aug-2006
Title Description of and Instructions for the Use of the
Granite-Based Cross-Release Interoperability
(GCRI) Functionality Implemented in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0.
Details Description

Granite-based Cross-Release Interoperability (referred to hereafter as
GCRI) was developed based on PTC's Granite Interoperability Kernel. The
Granite Kernel, the fundamental cornerstone of Pro/ENGINEER's geometry
model, is a software library that has the ability to read (or write)
geometry, geometry attributes, layer information, user-defined
parameters, and assembly structure from (or to) a Pro/ENGINEER part
(.prt) or assembly (.asm) file without Pro/ENGINEER being present.

PTC has created a Granite plug-in module to replace the neutral file
approach to cross-release interoperability in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0.
This plug-in module can be provided to a Wildfire 2.0 user and, when
installed in the Wildfire 2.0 loadpoint, will allow that Wildfire 2.0
user to read the Wildfire 3.0 model directly via Granite. This is
without the need for the Wildfire 3.0 user to create an intermediate
neutral file. All of the information that can be read from the
Pro/ENGINEER model by the Granite kernel can now be leveraged by the
Wildfire 2.0 user.

A unique feature of GCRI is the ability of Wildfire 3.0 users to take
new features that have been added to the image model by the Wildfire 2.0
user and graft those features onto the original, fully-featured master
model. This is very similar to how a UDF works, except references need
not be selected for the UDF to be placed; GCRI functions handle this
placement automatically.
Additional Information

GCRI Setup
Business Continuity with Creo: Learn more about it here.

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