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Counterbores called out in notes?


Counterbores called out in notes?

I thought at some point in the past, hole notes included the counterbore
information. I noticed the problem a while back but just didn't have
time to track down the solution.

I have a hole that I've created with a counterbore. The hole size is
called out, but there is no counterbore information or call out (see
attached). Is there a setting for this?





First, try searching for "Thread Note Formatting" in Pro/E's help section. I know how annoying it can be to use help unless you know exactly what PTC has named what you are looking for. Given your hole has *no* thread, I imagine this three word name may not have occured to you 🙂

It did not occur to me, anyway. I only now know where to find that in help because I founda TAN and TPI on the help documentation being incorrectin earlier versions of Pro/E. The link to the TAN you will want to read for the correction to the help filesis:

OK, now more specifically to your situation, try selecting the note with a left click and then hold down right click and then choose Edit Value. The text of the hole callout should pop-up in a text editor window. Odds are you won't find anything like the following in it.


This is an example of the type of verbiage that will display the counterbore information you are looking for. If you place it into the editor, you should get a counterbore callout in your note again. You may have to playwith it to get it to look exactly right since I don't knowhow the forum may munch the symbols that are interspersed between the CBORE callouts.I hope that helps.

Good Luck,

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