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Creo 3.0 to be released in June 2014.


Creo 3.0 to be released in June 2014.

Creo 3.0 F000 to be released in June 2014.

Eagerly waiting!



It's just like Christmas. In June.

Easter in Juni 😉

screen shots or it didn't happen

But I think that the release date could easily change.

If they delete or neuter the hated ribbon, and fix the bugs in WF5/creo, I'm all for it.

Hope dies last eh Frank?


In attachment (and in this document: can be found presentation of Creo 3.0 selected development areas.

Message was edited by: Ryan Kelley Comment: "At the request of Vladimir I've removed the attachment, since it contains outdated information."


I read the doc. it seems brief, hopefully it is a lot more then that.


There is for sure. The major new enhancement being able to open native files from SW, Catia, NX isn't mentioned in this presentation.

At PTC user they also showed a new hole tool. The presentation seemed to show some selected areas of the the improvements.

Looks interesting, thanks! It'll be nice having new Spinal Bend tools. I AM disappointed to not have solid body swweeps/cuts, like Solidworks has. This is a HUGE error IMO, especially since that is such a huge real-world issue. We need to be able to specify a cutting tool, not just a section.

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For the £3k this upgrade is likely to be, I may as well buy Solidworks and run that in parallel. I'd get a thickness checker, basic moldflow tools, better mesh/shell/thickness tools and swept solids. Not to mention extra data formats.

I'm disappointed by the absence of a new tool for swept solids.

Have they improved shell, thicken or mirror yet? I'm bored of excluding tiny features from thicken operations manually.

I figured when direct modeling was launched that they'd eventually give it away, so that's no surprise. It's pretty easy to seed-and-boundary copy/remove a feature already, making this something of a non-feature.

I wonder if they've updated the UI for the "advanced features" and integrated them properly, or if they've just not bothered again.

If something useful like AAX or ISDX was included with the Creo 3 I might fork out for an upgrade. As it is I can't see how Creo 3 will be a good way to spend £3k. Maybe if GE buys PTC next year they'll re-evaluate their position and provide better value.

Maybe you should considder SmartMenu?

<geek mode>

resistance is futile

you shall be assimilated

</geek mode>

you might want to shoot me, but I'm actually quite happy with the ribbon.

It's not perfect, but WAY better than the old menues popping up (pro/e)

I bet you use windows 3.1 or DOS and complain about Windows XP?

Or do you have Windows XP and complain about Vista/ Windows 7?

Same story with Microsoft Office, Openoffice, ...

21-Topaz I

The old menus made it trivial to create shortcut mapkeys, which meant much less mouse movement and much faster work. Mapkeys which stopped working in a new version were easy to repair as usually the items were just moved from one top level to another top level. The mapkeys were easy to read as they listed the text of the steps that were occuring, not the GUI interface calls.

It also meant much easier documentation and training, and because there were no images, the menu load times were less.

The ribbon was developed by Microsoft based on their observation that many product improvement requests were for features already available, but that users were too lazy to read the documentation or look at the menus or go on line for help. So MS covered valuable working area on the screen with pictures that are sort of helpful, but always with text to clarify because the pictures don't convey a useful description.

tl;dr Some people pefer picture books because the ones with words are too hard.

Exactly David. I have used mapkeys almost exclusively since my time in AutoCAD dating to the mid-'80's when they first started using "aliases". I've been setting my new ex-SW users with mapkeys telling them to ignore the menues whenever possible. My beef is that now, the mapkeys I have that USED to work in both dwg and model mode since I started on v15 do not work in the dwg now.

22-Sapphire I

Hmmmm, that's interesting. I hate the ribbons becaus ein dwg mode I'm constantly caught in the wrong ribbon, and am forced to waste time changing my visual focus all the way across the screen to have to move my mouse all the way across the screen, then back again for almost everything I do. It is a HUGE time-waster compared to WF4. I've told management dwgs take a minimum of 2 to 4 times longer simply because of this absurd GUI. If it was smart, and automatically switched to the correct tab when I selected an object on the screen, fine, but it doesn't. This GUI is by far the most frustrating thing about WF5/creo, and what my ex-Solidworks users rag on me the most about......well.....besides Windchill.

Yay, only 2 1/4 years after Creo 2.0! (That assumes it ships on time.)

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Thanks PTC ........It's July and no Creo3!

You should really release Creo3.0 to your paying customers instead trying to sell them more software

21-Topaz II

Yeah, they announced at the conference that it'd be July now. Big surpise. No actual date yet on the product calendar, I expect late in July.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
23-Emerald II

At least they are down to the month by month now, so it's getting close.

Probably the 6th week of July.

Hello there,

It's just information seen today.

Best regards.



PTC & Tristar>>>>>>>please spend more time on the product and less time calling your customers blowing smoke.

its already available to NON paying customers... just type creo 3.0 download and you can find >>>> PTC CREO 3.0 B000 WIN32 WIN64


it's a beta version.

Yes based on the B000 I figured its a beta version.

The point is ........the paying customers that enable PTC to develop new products get it last.

What really pisses me off is Tristar was calling last week wasting my time trying to sell me another seat and workstation, they said Creo3 was released and the feedback from their customers has been fantastic...ect ect......BS!!! Safe to say I won't take calls or emails from Tristar anymore.

PTC: If you want to keep your customers..... Don't announce a product you can't deliver on time and make sure your resellers are being honest.


i think we have no other option but to just wait for creo 3.0.

yes i agree they should stop these tricks.

most of the time these marketing people just get on the nerves.

when they come selling they talk so nicely and once there job is over..they just look the other way.

Funny... I worked with Tristar to try to get into the beta program; had PTC call me and the contact simply went dead after I told them I was interested. And now people in every remote corner of the world are using Creo 3.0 B000... except me!

Tristar made the sales calls mostly because they had an upcoming webinar that highlighted some of Creo 3.0 upgrades.

Appearantl PTC told Tristar that Creo 3.0 was officially "released"... but appearantly that doesn't mean "available".


F000 has been released in July. It's just not available to download from PTC's servers yet, so paying PTC customers have to wait, while the freebie downloaders can play with the first, but propably unstable, version all days now.

But why? Could it be that F000 is a mess and would propably take too many PTC Support hours? Who knows.

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