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Decimal issues


Decimal issues

Has anyone ever seen this? I have the number of decimals set to 3, but
I only get 2 in the dim. If I set it to 4, I get 3.


I think I have seen this before. Notice that the value in the properties box does not match the highlighted value on the drawing. I would clear the drawing out of session and call it back up.

It looks like mm are shown in the box, while inches are shown on the
drawing. Your config file probably is set to show (-1) between primary
& secondary units.

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It looks like your primary units are mm and secondary is inches and our
*.dtl file is set to show secondary only.

There's a drawing option to control the difference in decimal places
between the primary and secondary units:

dual_digits_diff -1

-1 is the common setting for inch primary and mm secondary, which is the
opposite of what you are doing. You may want 0 or 1.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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